Ayla Kremb

Turning Business Ideas Into Revenue-Generating Machines

Ayla Kremb is an accomplished investment professional with over a decade of experience in commercializing emerging technologies. With 15 years of experience building businesses, Ayla excels at building and leading cross functional teams, streamline operations, develop and grow revenue driving initiatives, and align diverse stakeholders towards the same mission.

Ayla has lived and worked across Europe, North America, and Asia, developing a keen understanding of different cultures and geographies. Her global life has given her a knack for connecting the dots between people and opportunities, thanks to her unique ability to spot high-value business opportunities, reduce operational overhead, and relentlessly execute until they turn into meaningful revenue streams.

Ayla has a deep understanding of the fintech industry, allowing her to identify, evaluate, and commercialize emerging trends.

Ayla's ability to identify and capitalize on high-value opportunities has been honed through her diverse career. Whether emerging asset management business, payment infrastructure, deep tech R&D, MNC data innovation labs, or robotics, Ayla has a broad spectrum of exposure to both fintech and the financial infrastructure that underpins emerging technology companies.

Outside of work, Ayla enjoys spending time with her family and getting physical outdoors.

Feel free to connect with Ayla, if you're interested in streamlining your emerging technology business for a new phase of growth.

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